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Tuscany is a magic land that invites you to its discovery. Villa San Sanino represents the ideal starting point to get in touch with this fabulous region, the masterpiece of its culture, the tradition of its kitchen and the myth of its extraordinary wines.

Our guests can spend time in wine and food tours, leisure activities and cultural itineraries. We can organize for you a great tasting of wines from Monteps.
We will help you achieve everything you wish.ulciano and Montalcino, hot air balloon morning rides, horseback rides and much else beside


At a very short distance stands Montepulciano, a small town well-known for its prestigious red wine “Nobile” and also for its historical palaces, music festivals and theatre season.

Montalcino and the Val D'Orcia

Not so far you will find Montalcino, a medieval village, famous all over the world for its high-quality wine “Brunello”. You can also visit the enchanting Val D’Orcia with its thermal spots in Bagno Vignoni and Pienza, small Renaissance jewel, shining as it was long time ago.

Siena and San Giminiano

If you want to dive into art and architecture, move to the fascinating city of Siena, a 35 minute drive from here. You will find the untouched beauty of the Middle Age and the Renaissance in a path full of traditions, starting from Piazza del Campo with its Torre Del Mangia to Palazzo Pubblico, where it is possible to admire the paintings of Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Traditional horse race since 1656 and euphoric event, the “Palio”. Every year it is held on 2 July and 16 August. Ten of the seventeen contrade (districts) of the city join the competition.
Few minutes far from Siena you will meet San Gimignano, ready to present the great Italian painters, such as Simone Martini, Ambrogio Lorenzetti and Piero della Francesca.


About one hour by car and you can reach Florence, city of the Italian Renaissance. The cultural heritage you will discover, makes it one of the most visited cities of the world. Its breath-taking beauty will leave you mesmerized together with the majestic cupola of the Santa Maria del Fiore dome, the romantic Ponte Vecchio, the magic of the Boboli Gardens, the evocative Uffizi Gallery, and much else besides.

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