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Headquarters and Company name: Podere San Sanino-Montefollonico di Agnelluzzi Laura Maria, Località Sant’Ansano, 14 – 53049 Torrita di Siena (SI)
VAT Number 00634370522 ​​​​​​​| Tax ID Code GNLLMR60S48D612W

Privacy Policy
We wish to inform you that Podere San Sanino will process your personal data as Data Controller, in full compliance with GDPR 679/2016 concerning the protection of personal data.

Data Controller and Data Processor
In relation to your personal data, you can exercise all the rights included in articles 13 (data collected from the interested party) and 14 (data not collected from the interested party) of GDPR 679/2016, such as, for example, the modification, cancellation, amendment or anything else required by the regulation by contacting the data controller: Podere San Sanino collects data both independently (at the time of online booking from its website and upon receiving guests) and through External Managers (hotel booking portals and travel agencies): the latter are the intermediary that activates our Data Processing as Data Controller.

Legal basis of the treatment
The legal basis that applies to the data processing is the consent of the interested party, requested each time and separated from the conferment obtained during the online booking and registration at the hotel.

External managers.
The technical partners are listed below:
*** Blastness srl, VAT No./Tax Code: 01195440118, Economic and Administrative Index pf MILAN REGISTRATION NO. 2107189, Legal Headquarters: Galleria del Corso, 2 – 20122 Milan, Italy

Personal data processing operations and related purposes.
Each section described below allows data collection for the specific purpose: failure to fill in the fields marked as mandatory (highlighted by the presence of an asterisk) will correspond to a failure to provide data, preventing data processing and therefore preventing the requested service from being performed.

Your personal data, the subject of the provision of multiple hospitality services at our facilities, will be collected by Podere San Sanino and its technical partners, and will be recorded and processed on paper and/or with the aid of electronic means and may be stored in specific databases and will not be used for other purposes, except those required by the current legislation on Public Safety;
*** ‘Booking’ page-the profile of users requesting information through the ‘Booking’ page will be used by Podere San Sanino Exclusively for hotel hospitality operations by Podere San Sanino;
*** ‘Contact information’ page-the profile of users requesting information through the ‘Contact information’ page will be used by Podere San Sanino for communication purposes regarding the single request obtained by Podere San Sanino;

Use of cookies: the data collected (country of origin, details of pages visited and duration of stay within the aforementioned pages) will be used for the development of studies and statistical and market research-please read the specific notice.

Please refer to the information on the management of cookies on the page.

Your data will not be "distributed", it will not be published nor will it be disclosed to third parties, either in Italy, within the European Union or outside the EU, while it may become known to the staff of Podere San Sanino, who will have received appropriate training, and to its technical partners, bound by compliance with the GDPR, having been appointed and listed under the External Managers section. Podere San Sanino undertakes not to use personal data reported as inaccurate until the inaccuracy has been rectified.

All data is collected in the legitimate interest of the Data Controller and will not be subject to publication, sharing and/or transfer to third parties, neither in Italy nor abroad. Freedom to grant consent, consequences of refusal, data retention period. Booking-the provision of your data is optional. The data received will be kept for the minimum duration required by law. ‘Contact information'-the provision of your data is optional. However, in case of refusal to consent for the purposes indicated, it will be impossible for us to provide you an answer. The data received will be kept for 6 months.

Cookies-the collection of data in aggregate mode is automatic and linked to browsing the pages of the website. If you do not want this to happen, you need to stop browsing the website or you can change the configuration and options available through instructions on the Internet page.

Rights pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of GDPR 679/2016
The interested party can consciously control and manage the flow of their data and, in particular, can exercise the following rights:
(i) the right to access data,
(ii) the right to request amendment, cancellation, or limitation of data processing,
(iii) the right to object to data processing,
(iv) the right to data portability,
(v) the right to withdraw consent to data processing, at any time and
(vi) the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

It will be possible to exercise all the rights included in articles. 13 (data collected from the interested party) and 14 (data not collected from the interested party) of the GDPR 679/2016, by directly contacting the data controller mentioned in the Data Controller and Data Processor paragraph.

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